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Melanie Coe, the “She” from “She’s Leaving Home”

Melanie Coe made it to the newspapers, and this way to posterity in 1967, after she, then 17, ran away from her parent’s house in Stamford Hill, 
North London. The reason was that the wealthy teenager turned to be a pregnant teenager and fearing her parent’s reaction, she escaped. 

She was found in Bayswater a week later and brought back to London, where after explaining her situation to her parents, the decission of having an abortion was taken.

This “little misadventure” was the inspiration for Paul McCartney, who composed “She’s Leaving Home”, one of the most beautiful ballads by the Beatles and included in their album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” that same year. Curiously, that was not the first time McCartney knew about Melanie, as she was part of the dancing crew on the TV Show “Ready, Steady, Go!” in the early 60’s. 

After a marriage that ended up in divorce and a romance with Burt Ward, she is married to Anthony Sharman. She had two children and runs her own antiques business. 

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